is our innovative tileable wood shower tray which allows completely level access

NO STEPS OR OBSTRUCTIONS to make the perfect wet room. To create your open shower area with DRY50 BASE FORMER is as simple as tiling since it is not necessary to build a slope in your bathroom.

  • _safe_ The membrane is continuous and is sealed to the drain and does not have any joints at all in the shower area so the waterproofing is total 100%.
  • _easier_Fits all sizes of shower area. (Can be trimmed or extended to suit all requirements). The membrane is 100% waterproof, there is NO need to mix liquid or to use primers, etc. No waiting due to drying time. The grid is fully adjustable to accommodate any tile thickness.
  • _fact_The remainder of the bathroom floor will NOT require boarding, as is often the case with other systems when creating level access ‘walk in’ showering areas. Because some other shower tray formers are much thicker, additional boarding is needed across the remaining floor area, increasing the floor level at the doorway, creating a step. This also increases both material and labour costs. The Revestech system does not require these measures as the shower tray former is only 22mm thick, saving both time and money.

  • _more design_This marks the end of traditional, prefabricated shower trays and their totally uncomfortable and unattractive steps. Our DRY50 BASE FORMER system allows the creation of a ground level showering area or wet room, perfectly blended with the floor since both can be covered with the same tiling.
  • _faster_DRY50 BASE FORMER saves valuable drying time since there is no waiting time for concrete slopes or special adhesives to dry.