DRY120 POOL, multilayer waterproofing sheet specially designed to ensure the total tightness of the vessel both in new construction and in rehabilitation, without the need for removal of old coating (tiles, stoneware, etc.).

  • Allows renovation by installing directly on the existing finish. Saving time and avoiding costs of realizing a new base or the total removal of the current finish and the complete repair of the old base.

  • Once the swimming pool base has been cleaned and the possible defects repaired, the DRY120 POOL sheet is placed, completely adhered to the old coating with C2 glue cement. Its composition prevents the formation of bubbles caused by the vapor pressure during the setting of the fixing products.

  • Our waterproofing system guarantees the tightness of the base, avoiding the typical problems of leaks that arise in the pools.




Waterproof reinforcement for both external and internal angles

Waterproof band for joints.

Special adhesive for joints. 6 kg

Special adhesive for joints. Blister of 600 ml.