Level: invisible shower tray

The prefabricated level plate is invisible because it is covered by the chosen flooring. The final aesthetic is a completely flat shower floor and at the same level as the rest of the bathroom.

  • The slopes of the shower are hidden under the flooring, receiving the water that filters through the joints, and finally evacuating through the drain.
  • It includes a horizontal siphon drain, located in the centre of the plate and positionable at 360°. An innovative integrated shower system that adapts to any style.
  • Unhindered. Where the shower is integrated into the bathroom and the bathroom into the shower, forming a whole. A homogeneous, extensive and accessible space without separations, faithful to functional and elegant design.
  • In the absence of steps and slopes. For freedom of movement being a completely flat shower, at the same level as the rest of the bathroom. Perfect for people with disabilities. Ideal for those looking for that feeling of freedom, which gives a truly integrated shower. Where the luxury of absolute comfort is experienced every day.
  • The level shower tray, in addition to having a self-cleaning surface with antibacterial and fungicidal sanitary treatment, has a profiling system to easily raise the flooring. Thus allowing access to the interior of the plate and to the siphon drain.




Drain with water trap (convertible into straight drain) for the invisible level shower tray with HORIZONTAL outflow (40 mm). It is placed at the centre of the plate and can be rotated through 360​​°.

Dry50 connecting band of 0.13 x 5 m/l for the treatment and waterproofing of the joints between the horizontal and vertical surfaces.

14 mm x 14 mm compact PVC finish. On the raised side of the shower floor against the wall, it serves as a support bracket to prevent friction between the ceramic pieces. On the other side, against the wall, it acts as a decorative strip for a better finish. Its dovetail bottom favours the grip of the REVESTECHflex adhesive. 2 units of the longest shower floor dimension are included.

PVC profiles which serve to secure the flooring to the shower floor.  2 units of the longest shower floor dimension are included.

High performance modified silane-based adhesive for bonding ceramics on profiles, and the perimeter strip on the wings of the shower floor (310 ml cartridge).

Protective plate in low density EPS, to avoid damage to the shower tray during the installation phase.

Tool made of 306 stainless steel, for facilitating lifting the tiles.

Special adhesive suitable for bonding the Level shower tray 20 mm over wooden surfaces. Blister 600 ml.