DRY50, flexible membrane for waterproofed tiled showers, not only for walls and floors but for any other wet or water sensitive areas.

  • Simple solution. Installation is truly easy. The membrane sheet is stuck with a thin-set mortar under the floor and wall tiles preventing any type of cracking in the future.
  • High bond strength to the mortar. The DRY50 membrane sheet fibres veil, are essential to guarantee mortar bonding strength to the membrane and, consequently, total adjustment to the surface.
  • Money saving. Our system is economical: you are saving both in materials and labour since less time is required compared to other methods.

  • Total impermeability. Generally, waterproof liquid membranes are weak and fragile when suffering a floor movement but our 100% waterproof DRY50 flexible membrane is so elastic and resilient that it will not suffer any kind of cracking. It can be used not only in walls and floors but in any other wet or water sensitive areas in order to avoid the usual humidity problems that cannot be resolved with traditional solutions such as rubber paint or waterproof cement.
  • DRY50_ Thickness: 0,52 mm / Weight: 335 g/m².




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Waterproof reinforcement for interiors and exteriors angles

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