We want the damage
caused by water
not to be a problem for
people’s lives and the
future of the planet.

Revestech's commitment

To be honest
responsible and sustainable
you need a commitment.

In the past, due to the need to build more and cheaper, real atrocities were committed when using materials and building systems. In many cases, in addition, it was thought that an eco-friendlier product was synonymous with less durability and reliability.

Nowadays, all these mistakes and damages inherited from the past are still to be solved. Society’s starting to be aware of this and becoming more demanding in terms of certification and environmental responsibility, which puts us in a privileged position to continue researching and developing materials more and more sustainable. And that’s what we’re doing. And that’s what we will.

Being responsible for the
environment is the only way
forward as a company,
as a society and as a planet.

Being sustainable isn’t an
objective. It’s a way of being.

If sustainability is a challenge, it is not sustainability. That is why we have
launched a sustainable membrane with up to 100% recycled material from
the circular economy and, in addition, we’re constantly investing in new lines
of research to improve our products and replace those that have become obsolete
from an environmental perspective. That’s our way of being sustainable. Being it.