We are european manufacturers

of sustainable, innovative

and safe waterproofing systems.



To protect what matters
we must take care
of what protect us.


We carry out local
projects in any
corner of the world.


We research, design
and manufacture
innovative and sustainable
waterproofing solutions.

Revestech commitment

We manufacture for
today but thinking
about tomorrow.

The future of construction necessarily involves an ecological review of the processes and materials developed in the past. Our commitment materialises, day by day, through greater energy efficiency, the use of respectful materials and the highest optimisation of production processes.

We reduce air pollution by

applying the circular economy

to waste treatment.

We minimise waste generation

by transmitting the

importance of recovery.

We manufacture toxic-free

products without emitting

pollutants to the environment.

We reduce the use of virgin

natural resources by designing

100% recyclable products.


A waterproof, sustainable,
responsive and, above all,
accessible membrane.

Our new membranes have excellent waterproofing quality and a total commitment to the environment thanks to the innovation in polymer processing. They’re sustainable, unexposed, made of high-performance thermoplastic CPE polyolefins (EVA-based circular polymer), resulting from the transformation and processing of circular economy raw materials.


"Due to the versatility of their membranes, Revestech systems are the best waterproofing solution for technicians and architects. They’re the perfect answer to junctions at the most critical points of a roof, which facilitates their installation."

Mario Monardo.
Architect. Italy

"Revestech means quick installation and final safety. The high malleability of the membranes helps to apply them in a quick, clean, and simple way, totally ensuring the substrate waterproofing."

Marian Gheorghita.
Distributor. Romania.

“Choosing Revestech means peace of mind in the result, which saves me problems and cost overruns."

Adrián Lledó.
Developer. Spain.
Delfín Tower

A 7,200 m2 symbol
of sustainability.

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Península shopping centre

One of the largest leissure
centres in Mexico.

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#waterproofed roofs #architecture
#waterproofingsystems #sustainabledevelopment

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