Maximum tightness

The Benidorm Skyline has already got an iconic building, El DELFIN TOWER. An impressive residential tower, 100 metres high, located on the beachfront of Playa de Poniente and whose silhouette resembles the sail of a ship. This skyscraper is also the only one in Benidorm that has the “LEED GOLD” Green Building Certification, an international recognition of sustainability.

This is a building that has been designed to promote a reduction in the consumption of electricity and water in each of its units, and constructed with materials that allow the building to generate better environmental quality. A construction of 7,200 m² respectful to the environment, which has 4,000 m² of gardens and urbanization. The infinity pool, the “beach” and the terrace in the urbanization, as well as the heated pool and terrace on the rooftop have been waterproofed with Revestech’s DRY120 system, employing a total of 700 m² sheet membrane.

This guaranteed constructive solution consists of the installation of the DRY120 sheet membrane by fully adhere it to the substrate with C2 S1/S2 adhesive cement in a thin layer. The special geotextile fibres of the sheet drain the water vapor generated during the plastic shrinkage of the adhesive cement (setting), preventing the appearance of bubbles and guaranteeing a 100% resistant grip compared to any other waterproofing system.

The installation of this system assures the watertightness of the basin, both in new construction and in rehabilitation, and solves the waterproofing of all types of swimming pools, cisterns and water tanks. Its versatility means that it is not necessary to remove, in most cases, the existing ceramic flooring. It does not require complex prior preparation of the substrate, nor tools or products not normally present on construction sites.

Here we summarize the main advantages of the waterproofing solution chosen for the most sustainable building in Benidorm:

  1. In rehabilitation, it is not necessary to remove the previous waterproofing system or flooring. It is installed directly on the existing ceramic or tile.
  2. No waiting time is necessary. Once the sheet is installed it can be immediately covered.
  3. The special composition of the sheet allows the desolidarisation of the movements produced by water pressure inside the basin, avoiding the appearance of fissures or cracks in the finishing flooring, normally glass mosaic tiles, as well as its detachment.
  4. As the sheet is very thin (1.2 mm), the increase in thickness on the substrate is minimal.
  5. The high flexibility of the sheet allows a perfect finishing at critical angles and points.
  6. Revestech’s special SEALPLUS adhesive guarantees complete watertightness in the joint between the sheets and the most critical points in a pool (impellers, skimmers and spotlights).

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