Revestech positions itself

The world evolves steadily because the things that cannot be seen work properly. This is the reason why it is so important to dedicate time, resources and energy to the things that allow people to live in peace, without worrying and protected.

The future of construction necessarily involves an ecological review of the processes and materials that have been developed in the past. As manufacturers of construction systems, and specialized in sustainable waterproofing, we want our manufacturing processes not to be a problem for the future of the planet.

We have our own laboratories, and also work with associated ones, to certify the quality of our products. We are also committed to studying and testing new processes and different, more ecological systems that contribute to making the future of construction, once and for all, more sustainable.

As a result of our firm ecological responsibility, we have created the new ECODRY line: fully adhered and protected, waterproofing membranes for interiors and exteriors that achieve excellence in quality and a total commitment to the environment.

They are composed of a high-performance thermoplastic polymeric polyolefin membrane CPE (EVA-based Circular Polymer) resulting from the transformation and treatment of raw materials from circular economy, and extruded on polyester fibres.

Revestech – Responsible Waterproofing (

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