Exclusive system for trained and approved installer by Revestech.


Waterproofing of swimming pools, Revestech offers the ECODRY SUBWATER KIT. A complete system with eco-responsible foil ECODRY120 20, joint band ECODRY50 BANDA 13X30 and KIT POOL adhesive and primer. The waterthightness of swimming pools requires combining the waterproofing of the support thanks to the ECODRY SUBWATER KIT with the ceramic tiles; thus forming a watertight area, where the pieces are joined with the previous waterproofing. ECODRY120 is a multilayer waterproofing membrane specially designed to guarantee the total watertightness of the essel either in new construction and in rehabilitation of all types of swimming pools, cisterns and water tanks in general, through the fully adhered installation.

Even though a high-performance system, the watertightness of a swimming pool goes further and requires a superior training, due to the own nature of the type of installation that supports hydrostatic pressure on the bottom. And since we are specialists, professional and responsible, we want to do things right, so this system is exclusively for trained and approved installers by Revestech. For this, we offer you free training, approved installer diploma, technical advice by phone and on-site assistance.