The importance of protecting historical heritage

Revestech DRY120 membrane chosen as waterproofing system for the roofs of the historic Palazzo d'Orleans, in Palermo.

Palazzo d’Orleans, in Palermo, is an 18th century building that houses the government of the Sicilian region and is currently undergoing restoration. One of the main problems that are usually found when restoring historic buildings is that of humidity, either because they do not have the appropriate waterproofing systems to prevent it or because said […]

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Peninsula Shopping Centre

One of the largest in Mexico, 10 minutes from the USA.

Yes! We crossed the Atlantic in style to show you our current and emblematic project in Tijuana. This shopping centre has 35,000 m2 of outdoor traffic surfaces covered with medium and large-format ceramic tiles. The DRY120 waterproofing system has been the one chosen because of the benefits explained by their engineer-architect: Innovative system that fulfils […]

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Revestech positions itself

as a leading company in sustainable waterproofing with ECODRY membranes

The world evolves steadily because the things that cannot be seen work properly. This is the reason why it is so important to dedicate time, resources and energy to the things that allow people to live in peace, without worrying and protected. The future of construction necessarily involves an ecological review of the processes and […]

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Maximum tightness

In swimming pools, terraces and roof terrace of the new Delfín Tower skyscraper in Benidorm with the DRY120 System.

The Benidorm Skyline has already got an iconic building, El DELFIN TOWER. An impressive residential tower, 100 metres high, located on the beachfront of Playa de Poniente and whose silhouette resembles the sail of a ship. This skyscraper is also the only one in Benidorm that has the “LEED GOLD” Green Building Certification, an international […]

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